Weekend Five

Hey Fashionistas! I had this post all ready to go Friday, then got so sidetracked that I forgot to hit submit! Yikes....! At any rate, I'm excited to share today's five things with you. These are some makeup and clothing tips I've been using for years and absolutely cannot go without. Some are tricks I've picked up from friends and others are insider secrets from experts in the industry.




  1. Rub your eyelash curler between your palms for about 30 seconds. The friction will warm the metal and curl your eyelashes better. AND...no fear of burning them like with a heated curler (yikes!).
  2. Tinted moisturizer - OK ladies, if you haven't tried this one you really need to! It's the perfect start to your base of makeup or on days when you just need a little something you can have moisture and color in one step. I use a product my spa suggested called Image Skincare.
  3. Professional haircare products - This may sound like a silly thing to spend money on, but I was told YEARS ago by a hairstylist friend that it does matter what you use, it will make a difference and it's worth the extra bucks. I have to agree. And the moment I started using better products, I could tell a difference. And, good news - you don't have to buy from the salon. With stores like Ulta and Beauty.com some Target stores and Amazon, you can find higher end brands. The most important thing is no drying alchohol, sulfates or parabens. What you choose will depend on your hair type (ask your hairstylist for suggestions).  Here's what I've been using lately and LOVE the results!
  4. Two types of mascara - I read this  tip in a magazine interview of Rachel Bilson, one of my favorite celebs, who shared this trick she learned from a makeup artist. Using two types of mascara, say one for length and another for thickness, is much more effective than several coats of one type of mascara.
  5. Do NOT hang , wring or machine-dry sweaters! Ok, you paid a lot of money for either a cashmere or another delicate fabric sweater, so take care of it! Here is a great list with tips for cashmere. Other knits: Either hand-wash in your sink with a bit of Woolite (light or dark formula, depending on the color) in cool water and gently rinse then roll and press in a large bath towel. Lay flat to dry. When dry, you can fluff in the dryer on low heat to add some softness, then FOLD, do not HANG in your closet. Hanging will stretch the sweater and give you those ugly shoulder marks.

Let me know what your favorite hacks are; I'm always looking for good tips or shortcuts!