Friday Five: DIY

So I've been going a little DIY nuts lately. I have another post ready to go that you guys are going to DIE over! Now, I should warn you, I am NOT crafty! I only choose easy DIY projects and some turn out better than others. SO, with that in mind,  I've rounded up some links to people who are far craftier than me for this DIY edition of Friday Five. I hope you enjoy! 

1. The blog post I've linked here is all about the pom-pom sandals...they are all the rage this summer and SO fun! Besides, who doesn't love a sandal that literally goes with everything?! I purchased the below version from Chinese Laundry, but if you are into DIY and have a little sewing talent, I'm sure you could make them for much less!

2. Ah, the summer floppy hat. It goes to the pool, it goes on vacation, it goes to work with you....Oh, wait a minute! I got a little carried away there. So it can go ALMOST anywhere with you. Here's my tutorial, in which I glued on the sequins. I may do another one where I try to sew them on (I actually CAN hand-stitch, so maybe that does make me crafty?), but if you are looking for an easy DIY, glue is your #BFF.

3. The pom-pom clutch.*Spoiler Alert*! OK, I said I HAD a post coming up and I've pretty much just outed myself here. Yes, it's a pom-pom clutch tutorial. Although after doing this one, I'm kind of thinking it might be fun to make a few more in differing patterns. I went with the classic rainbow theme here.'ll have to wait until Monday for the tutorial on this, but I think you can do it. :)

4. Tassle necklace - this style has been popular for several seasons now ands still reigns supreme. I came across this fabulous blog with ALL kinds of fun tutorials. Here's a link to the tassel necklaces seen below. I also found THIS link, so if you are looking for more DIY tassle necklaces, look no further. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention Beads in Charlotte. If you live in the Charlotte area, you can get all kinds of fun beads here, take a class, network with other creatives or buy finished necklaces! For those of you who don't live in the Charlotte area, I'm sure you have fun local bead stores! And you can always follow Charlotte Beads on Instagram for great ideas! 


5. And...for all you non-DIY'ers out there (I feel ya!) here's a great feed to follow for the MOST adorable handmade skirts! Alex, the creator of Sarta Designs, also makes tees with patterned-pockets sewn on (and dog bandanas)! I love this girl! She is so talented; she created Sarta Designs WHILE still in college (can you say #goalsetter)! She's a fabulous social media marketer and entrepreneur who just graduated with a degree in Marketing and happens to be looking for a job. So......if you know anyone who is looking for a savvy marketer with serious drive, check her out!

This fabulous skirt is a #rundontwalk!!!


Are you DIY'ing this summer? I'd love to hear about what you are doing!