Friday Five

Hey Fashionistas! The travel season is upon us. Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm traveling twice in the next two weeks - phew! So I've rounded up a list of my favorite travel accessories. I'd love to hear if you have any that you cannot travel without!  

  1. A battery pack. There are TONS out there, even cheap ones at the drugstore. But I have found that those don't last more than a couple months. I recently purchased this one with some Nordstrom points and it hasn't let me down yet. Plus it's really cute...BONUS!
  2. Trial sized items. I know, kind of a "duh" statement, but this girl LIKES her products. So it's critical for me, especially when traveling by plane that I have trial size or smaller for my carry-on. I never pack my makeup for fear of breakage or worse - it getting lost or delayed, quelle horror! There are a few ways to go about finding trial sized items. One is to simply go to the drug or grocery store and shop the trial aisle. Or you can stop by your hair salon, an Ulta  or Sephora to get smaller versions of your favorite high-end products. Yet another great place is here, a great site with lots of goodies you can't find anywhere else. Oh and if you're into online shopping, you can also shop here or here.
  3. Pillow, eye mask or blanket. Again, depending on where you are going and how you are getting there, you may need only one of these. Or you may need all three. Personally I LOVE an eye mask (it helps calm my brain for naps and blocks out the street light that's right outside my bedroom window) and have been using this since I found it at my fave boutique, Cheeky Bean, about a year ago. It's as soft as can be, washable and doesn't smush your face like some do. When driving, I bring my own pillow but here's a great article with links to a bunch of cool travel pillows. When driving or flying I wear a cozy sweater but if you prefer a blanket, this one is reasonably priced and not ginormous. And this one comes with it's own cute little pouch, which could be used for other items while traveling.
  4.  Shoe bags. Ok people, not to sound like a complete germaphobe but 80% of dirt in your home comes in through YOUR SHOES! Take a note from the Asian cultures and take them off at the door! That being said, you do not want the bottoms of your shoes to touch your clean clothes. This can be done cheaply, with any garment or purse bag you have laying around, or even a plastic bag works. However, if you want something cute, these fit the bill.
  5. Carry-on Bag. While this mostly applies to air travel, I always like to have a good bag that I can either stash everything into for a quick weekend getaway or all my toiletries/extras/shoes/whatever in when I also have a suitcase. I bought this expandable bag last year and let me tell you, I wish I'd bought like five. Not only does it fit under the airplane seat, but it's the most durable, best-sized bag I've come across in YEARS. When compressed, it's the perfect size for heading to the pool, beach or any weekend getaway (thus, the name, haha). It could probably also double as a great baby bag. Another bag I've been eyeing lately is this vegan leather beauty in a host of great fall colors. An instagram friend of mine said it was great, so of course now I'm obsessed. I missed out on their purse version of this bag, which ALSO had a bottom compartment for shoes, but the larger size may be more practical anyway. Finally, I use this in chevron for all my cosmetics. No, I don't have THAT many products! Which is exactly why I like it - it's large enough to hold several other items (night crème, toothbrush/toothpaste and brushes) when I travel. It's also durably-made, can be monogrammed and has a wipeable plastic interior.'s on sale this month for only $5 with any $35 purchase. If you haven't checked out this brand, I highly recommend it. Not only are the products an organizer's dream, but it's a female-owned company focusing on empowering women by building relationships (based off of Proverbs 31). Oh, and they also have a fab new leather line. Just sayin'.

    Happy Travels, All!