How to Tackle your To-Do List

Ever wish you could have someone do your grocery shopping? Take your car to the shop? Help you tackle a gift list (and then wrap said gifts?!)? WELL…wish no more, my Charlotte-area friends! Now you can call Uptown Errands; they can do all that and more!

A few weeks ago, I met with owner Kadie Kersey to learn more about her story and how we could collaborate. After teaching first grade at a year-round school in Wake County and using her three-week breaks to run errands, get organized and tackle to-do lists, she began thinking about what she wanted for the long-term. After realizing she loved to run errands (and that not everyone did), she was inspired to start Uptown Errands. She sought inspiration from a local mentorship program who coached her through the beginning stages of starting a business.  Then, when her fiancée took a job in Charlotte she decided it was time to launch Uptown Errands.

Kadie & I agreed best way for me to experience Uptown Errands was to, well, experience Uptown Errands. The perfect opportunity arose last week. My To-Do list had been growing after hosting out-of-town guests, attending events nearly every night and heading into another packed weekend. Uptown Errands was a lifesaver! I needed random things – mostly household items, but also a car charger for my husband, white-out and hangers – i.e. a Target run. So I went to the website, picked my date, entered my address and my list and voila! Within minutes I received a confirmation email and by 2pm that same day I had all my goodies, receipts included, hand-delivered to my door! It was like the magic fairy I’ve been dreaming about! And the prices are SO reasonable, there is literally no reason NOT to use this service (or buy a gift card for that busy friend you know!). The amount it costs to have one hour of errands actually SAVES ME MONEY, as I would’ve spent at least twice that with the number of unnecessary, frivolous items that would’ve ended up in my cart had I actually gone myself. And for a shopper like me, that’s a game-changer!

So, if you too have ever wished for a “magic fairy” to come and tackle your To-Do list…let me tell you, they exist! This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a while. You can choose a one-time errand or create a recurring errand! Why not farm out all those tasks you dread or don’t have time for? You can get more done, have more time AND you’re helping a female-owned small business. Win, Win, Win!  I can’t wait to use them again and will definitely be signing up for a recurring package once our little bundle arrives!*

For more information about Kadie or Uptown Errands, click HERE.



*For those of you wondering, nothing to report there…we’re still waiting to be chosen, but y’all KNOW I will let you know as SOON as it happens! 

TASH Blogger Launch Party

Hey Guys! Last week I attended one of the most fun events I've been to in a while. My friend Brianne of and I collaborated with Tash Boutique to celebrate the launch of her blog and the re-launch of mine (I had my site redesigned and started working with a professional photographer in April). We shopped, we styled, we networked, we purchased (and at a special discount, I might add!). Along with the black printed tassel-edged dress on both Brianne and I  (that little number went home with both of us!), I also scored a dotted, multi-colored and super-soft pair of DL jeans that I can't wait to style for both now and later as well as a great printed light sweater that will also be the perfect transition piece. Oh yeah and a gorgeous House of Harlowe pave arrow ring that I've been wearing every day since! Tash Boutique has it all - a great selection of luxe fabrics and tastefully selected pieces from both well-known and eclectic designers, gorgeous statement jewelry, prices that won't break the bank AND a friendly staff. The owner, Natasha, is nearly nine months pregnant and outlasted both Brianne and I in her heels! If you are in the Charlotte area, I highly recommend stopping in. And if not, their website is shoppable! Win, win!

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PS - Read Brianne's post about the Blogger Launch Party here!