Valentine's Day Gift List - For Him

Valentine's Day Gift List - For Him


Valentine's Day is right around the corner so I thought I'd share a few ideas for gifts for the guy in your life. My hubby is quite particular with clothes, although I seem to have cracked the code. I actually bought the Banana Republic two in one Donegal blazer below as a Christmas gift (still on sale in stores!) and he loved it. Beard products are great if your guy is sporting one (duh!) but if not, then cologne is always a great gift. REI has by far, hands down the BEST socks ever. My hubby's mother buys them for him every Christmas and honestly, I want to steal them! Super absorbent, low-profile and perfect arch support for running or whatever kind of fitness you are into. I just discovered Ben Sherman shoes and am LOVING them! A nice work bag is always appreciated, as is a new shaving kit. My hubby seems to use his until it's falling apart....and speaking of hubby, I'm actually rushing to post this so we can watch a movie. Oh and if you have already bought a flask, a shaker and all other beer/liquor accoutrements and Amazon gift card never fails! :)Have a great rest of the weekend, loves!

Clockwise from top:

Travel Shaving Kit

Beardsley shampoo and conditioner

Ben Sherman Mickey oxfords

REI smartwool socks

Messenger Satchel Bag

Amazon gift card

Banana Republic Donegal Two in One blazer