Confessions of a Shopaholic - Thirty Day No Spend Challenge

OK - I'm getting real today, friends. I've been thinking a lot lately about what I wanted this blog to be about and what I didn't. It's no secret that I love new fashion, embrace (most!) trends and love to shop. But one thing I didn't want to do is to glorify materialism or encourage others to potentially overspend (something I'm guilty of from time to time!). My passion for this blog - and my styling business - is to uplift women, help them feel beautiful and find clothing at their budget level. Now, it's no surprise that better labels are better quality clothing, however, sometimes you can find items that are just as nice for less. I find this true especially in the Spring and Summer months, when fabric tends to be lighter and quality can be less of an issue. SO - all that being said, I'm confessing to you today that I have been overspending and am going on a thirty day spending freeze. I have enough clothing in my closet to do blog posts probably for the rest of the summer, but I wanted to take this conviction 30 days at a time. Now, this doesn't mean that you will be seeing the same outfits you've seen before or that you'll see boring things here on the blog. What that does mean is that you'll see me being more creative, remixing pieces and accessories. More more than likely, I'll be a happier camper by month's end because I'll have successfully completed a goal I've set out AND saved some cash!  This no-spend challenge is especially important right now, as we have some debt we need pay down and possibly a big loan in our future. In light of today's post, I decided to share some photos from a recent shoot that highlight some fun items from Target! I loved the lace top mixed with the tulip-cut flowy bottom of this skirt the moment I saw it; I can "swoosh" like a Greek goddess but not look overwhelmed in fabric. And these shoes are an almost exact replica of a high-end brand that I just couldn't afford. So there! I already feel better with showcasing some "thrifty finds!"

SO - WHO'S WITH ME? Anyone else feeling convicted about shopping or just want to have a fun thirty days of remixing? I'd love to hear from you!!!

Jen Grano by Ariana Clare _2

Jen Grano by Ariana Clare _11 Jen Grano by Ariana Clare _15 Jen Grano by Ariana Clare _19

Jen Grano by Ariana Clare _22

signatureTarget dress in black, navy and  similar and sandals | Stella & Dot Trinity necklace | Loft bracelets (sold out) similar | Versona clutch (no longer available) similarsimilar or similar

 Photography by: Ariana Clare