Designer Crush

Hey there! Do you have a designer crush? Is there one label or store who seems to just "get" your shape or fit your curves? I know I certainly do. And as quickly as I go through color crushes, you'd think I would also cycle through designer crushes, but that just isn't the case (maybe a trip to NYFW would cure that!).

While I was attending Parsons, I had several classes that required us to use a designer as our  term project. And whether it was simply analyzing the marketing strategy, designing a new line for them or researching what it would take to open a store in an emerging market - each time I used my designer crush, Tory Burch. She has such an incredible story, albeit riddled with some difficulties during her divorce,  subsequent lawsuits with the ex's (now dufunct) company, C Wonder, or reservations from some who claim she got where she is today by coming from a wealthy family with good connections. Despite that, it's inarguable that Tory has achieved a lot in the decade or so since she first launched her brand. And while not all up and coming designers can get Oprah's stamp of approval as the "Next Big Thing", she certainly has proved that she has the intuition and perserverance to stay in the game long after the seed money and Oprah's magic wand have moved on.

So because of the fact that not everyone has the same connections,  I'd like to introduce you to a designer you may not have heard of, Angela Roi. I stumbled across this well-designed, super-affordable and chic handbag designer on an Instagram picture I liked. When I visited the website, I was literally BLOWN AWAY. Well-priced vegan materials AND they give portions of EVERY bag to a non-profit? Sign me up! Tory may well have some competition from my new crush!

Hope you enjoy checking out this amazingly talented and philanthropic designer as much as I did. Be sure to click on the Donate by Color tab to see which non-profit gets a portion of the sale of your favorite color handbags. I'm thinking one of these would make some nice Christmas or birthday gifts!

Angela Roi handbags