Friday Five: The Best Clothing Hacks Ever

Black winky loafers

Lime coconut 2 Soludos Lime & Coconut Smoking Slipper Espadrille (a few sizes still left!)

Soludos Wink Smoking Slipper (black sold out, but sand still available)

Also in a black & white sandal version - so cute! I want them all!

You guys! Are these shoes the cutest or WHAT??? I'll go ahead and apologize if you are singing, " take the lime and the coconut..." for the rest of the day!. Last week Shopbop had a huge sale and while I wanted ERRRYTHING, I had to be conservative... I ended up buyihng with the cutest embroidered Soludos loafers (linen and black because I couldn't choose!). With the cheeky lime/coconut and winky eyes, I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing them all spring, summer and into fall.  And with our impending arrival (more on that here), I'm focused on being comfortable but also cute. And I'm here to tell you, ladies - it is POSSIBLE. You are not relegated to yoga pants and sneakers (even though, let's be honest, there is some fabulous workout wear out there right now. and don't even get me started on my latest obsession: athleisure. That'll have to be another post for another day).  Getting back to the shoes though, I followed the recommendations that I order a half a size smaller since canvas stretches but when they arrived they were so tight I was actually crunching up my toes a little! This was quite shocking, as I'm a size 5 to 5 1/2 shoe so NOTHING is ever tight on me. And I knew that nearly all the other sizes were sold out so a return/exchange would be darn near impossible. Then I remembered a magical go to place where I pretty much find all my answers: GOOGLE! (And lots of times Pinterest too. Follow me there to see all the fun things I've been pinning lately!). I found this article about how to make canvas shoes fit and immediately breathed a sigh of relief, because - dang - these shoes are really cute. I haven't yet tried this fix, but am hopeful and will update this post when I do to let you know how it goes! Meanwhile, hope you have a great weekend and enjoy these fun hacks.

Unzipping a Pesky Zipper

Another Hack for too-small Shoes

Fabric Pulls, Pills, Stains & something magic called Silvertek

Like to DIY? This post has it all. And even better? No sewing.

And here are 25 more


Let me know what your favorite hacks are! And, as always, thanks for reading!