Friday Five - Resort Wear

I know, I know, Winter JUST arrived for most of us...but I'm kind of already over it! Yes, I'm enjoying wearing all my coats and gloves and hats and sweaters, but part of me is ready to see the first blooms on the trees and feel the warm sun on my skin again. I had to laugh out loud when I saw this video on Facebook today. My sentiments exactly, kid! Since stores are already gearing up for Spring with resortwear, activewear and swimsuits I thought I'd do a roundup of some of the great stuff that's available now. Some people don't know that's an actual "season" - Resort. That's why you see swimsuits at Target in January. It's a small season in between Fall and Spring lines, mostly brought on by the #jetsetters of the world who are wealthy enough to travel somewhere warm and exotic while the rest of us are shoveling snow and dealing with dry, cracked hands. Bitter? Never! Not me! I'll just be over here, dreaming about Spring.

1.Former model turned swimwear designer Tory Praver has created a diffusion line for Target. So CUTE! And this girl knows a thing or two about swimwear. Raised in Maui, Praver spent her days surfing and swimming. She modeled for Guess, Billabong, Sports Illustrated and more. Her designer collection can be seen here.

Pink TP design swimtop

Tory Praver Seafoam for Target


2.When I'm at the beach, I'm all about the "set up"...even though I don't spend the entire day roasting in the sun like I used to, I still like to have the perfect chair, the perfect towel, the perfect get the idea. (I might be a bit of a perfectionist.) Although it's more about the hunt for me; I enjoy searching for a chair that is low, comfortable, has a cup holder AND can be carried like a backpack.

Last year I found the perfect one piece ! Honestly, it's been a battle between wanting to wear a bikini after 40 and wanting them french fries!!!  And to be perfectly frank, my family beach trip isn't the place for a skimpy swimsuit. I'd rather enjoy running after my nephew and bodysurfing the waves. BUT I do hate the feel of wet material on my tummy and sides, so the mesh on this suit is perfect for allowing the breeze in. It also met the criteria of no lines on top (but a strap to tie when running after said nephew), a lower-cut back (similar to this) so as not to get bizarre tan lines AND the added bonus of a slimming color-block pattern, YAY! So when I saw a pale blue linen cover-up on sale at JCrew that coordinated perfectly, I had to have it. The light blue is no longer available, but you can't go wrong with either white or black. Honestly, this cover-up is so pretty I'm going to see if I can get away with wearing it as a dress. Linen, fringe AND a tassel? Yes, please!

Splendid swimsuit (a few still available!) similar or  similar or  similarSplendid swimsuit

linen coverup

black linen cover up

JCrew Linen Cover up with Fringe

3. Have you seen these gorgeous ROUND beach blankets? Definitely on my Wish List for "the perfect blanket." 100% cotton and five feet wide, they can also be used as a cute coverup.




4. Every summer I find myself in one pair of sandals. Last year (and maybe the year before) it was my trusty tan sandals from LOFT. But alas, they have been stretched to their limit. So I'm thinking these sandals shall be mine this year....but only if there's a good sale. Maybe putting it in print will make it more likely to happen?


Tory Burch Miller Sandals in Vintage Vachetta

5. Lastly, you can't EVER go wrong with a gorgeous printed maxidress. And this one would look fabulous paired with a black leather jacket for those chilly Spring evenings. Another good site for resort wear is this one. It kinda reminds me of Victoria's Secret but with way more selection and much better pricing.


pink & black floral maxidress


Floral Maxidress

Only 65 days until Spring! But who's counting...