Friday Five - Investment Basics

Hey there Fashionistas! It's that time of year where we are not only buying for others, but giving hubbies, boyfriends and friends gift ideas for us. And then there's always the "one for me, one for you" shopping that inevitably occurs (please tell me I'm not alone there)! I've been having to replace some of my well-worn basics lately and it got me thinking about doing a post on great basics to invest in. SO why not give these ideas to those that are asking for gift ideas? Of course, you can always find a great piece that fits your budget but if someone really WANTS to buy you a hand-crafted pair of Italian shoes...I'm not gonna say no!!! Here are five basics to splurge on that should be in every fashionista's closet.

1.White tees

While this may seem like a "duh" statement, the perfect white tee can add so much to your wardrobe. Paired with a cute skirt and sandals, it's an easy go-to for running summer errands, add skinny jeans, a leather jacket and heels for a night out with the girls, or a statement necklace and trench coat to liven up toddler drop off or pick up. I tend to go through my tees about once a year, so when you find that perfect fit I recommend buying more than one! Here are some of my top picks.

organic white tee company     rag&bone    alexander wang










2. Trench coat/Leather coat/Winter coat

Ah, the ubiquitous Burberry trench you elude me. We won't talk about the time we saw one in our size at the #NSale  that was a three-in-one coat with a detachable hood and liner for over 75% off and didn't buy (WHAT were we thinking????). But I digress. Depending on what season it is and where you live, you need a good coat. I've been on the hunt for a new black leather jacket and actually put this one in my cart last night after reading the raving reviews. Also, a note for those of you who don't want to do leather for ethical reasons: Polyurethane (aka "vegan leather") has come a LONG way, baby. It really looks and feels like real leather.  Also needed in colder regions is a good winter coat. When I lived in the mountains of NC I discovered that warmth was more important than bulk, as were hoods! Faux fur is still hot this year so I've added this one with a great hooded detail.

 Burberry trench  Burberry on Ebay  Blank Denim  Bernardo Lands End  Columbia










3. Black heels/Flats/Boots

Every girl needs a good pair of black heels. Period. The End. Here are a few options. Also, since we're making our Wish Lists today for others, why not ask for those fancy Tory Burch sandals you wanted all summer? Sure, you have to wait five months or so to wear them, but sometimes there are off-season sales on such items. Also on my list of coveted "basics" are Tory Burch sandals (Another sob story: I saw a tan pair in MY SIZE - FIVE, WHICH NEVER HAPPENS, at a consignment store for $80. To some of you that may sound like a lot, but they retail for over $200 and she was my fave designer throughout fashion classes. Unfortunately I had just promised hubby I wouldn't be spending AND he happened to be with me. SIGH. #thingsthatwillnevercomeagain Anyhoo....those babies are STILL on my wish list. Along with these boots (although if we're talking basics, go with black) and these sandals. Yes, I have a thing for Tory Burch.

Sam Edelman    Steve Madden  Hunter  Yosi Samra  Tory Reva flats

sam edelman heel



leopardflat TB_flats



4. Jeans

Every fashionista needs a pair of jeans that make her feel fabulous. Whether it's skinny jeans, flared (LOVING that this silhouette came back!), dark wash or light - you MUST have a go-to pair. That being said, I do have to break it to you that it will take time (and maybe 25 try-ons). This is where your stylist (AKA ME!) or a great salesperson can come in handy. Trying on pair after pair is really no fun; I can help by arriving to the store early and pulling a bunch of styles for you so they are waiting in the dressing room. Then, all you have to do is say "yeah" or "nay" and I'll refold and hang up the rejects. If you are in or near the Charlotte metropolitan area (or Dayton, OH area) and want my help, email a request for a quote - I promise I will work with you and your budget!

Paige Denim    Adriano Goldschmeid    Hudson









5. Handbag

Yes, yes, I have a million handbags. Or you already have one that you love. Doesn't sound familiar? Great...keep reading. I typically go through handbags about every 3-6 months. But, since we're talking classic investment pieces today here are some lovely suggestions. I'm extremely picky about handbags - they have to have the right amount of space inside, have to be easy to access, have a shoulder strap to go hands-free AND preferably have feet (although I try not to set my good bags on the floor, EWW!) Whether your favorite neutral is black or tan, you cannot go wrong with these bags below.

Tory Burch York Tote      Kate Spade Ella     Rebecca Minkoff   Vera Bradley


kateella RMhandbagveracheetah