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The Scoop - February 2016


Happening in February: Fashion Weeks




New York Fashion Week is February 10th - 18th. Every top blogger will be there; matter of fact I'm starting to wonder if designers, publishers and others will be pushed out by the sheer number of blogger attendees....anyhoo, if you aren't lucky enough to attend in person, you can watch all the shows live here! And if you miss NYFW, there's several more right on its heels: London Fashion Week is Feb 19th - 23rd,  Milan Fashion Week is Feb 24th - 29th, Paris Fashion Week is March 2nd - 9th, and for you locals, Charleston has one March 15th - 19th (which is really good, I've heard. Fern Mallis, one of the original producers of NYFW was a part of founding of CHFW).


What to Wear: The SuperBowl

SuperBowl picIt's the biggest game of the season, the best commercials of the year, there's food, drink and fun to be had by all. SO the next question is: "what do I WEAR?" Just because it's game day doesn't mean you're relegated to wearing a team jersey with jeans (and good gravy, please, by all MEANS, I beg of you, do not commit the biggest fashion sin of all and pair jeans with SNEAKERS! Unless you are doing yard work and need to cover your legs for fear of poison ivy this combination is just awful and should NEVER, EVER be worn. Unless they are Converse, and that's OK.) The trick to making game day attire fashionable is to purposefully pair something sporty with something feminine. Think team tee plus blazer and statement necklace. Or jersey with skinny jeans and heels. Do not be afraid to do this my friends! Take a look below at how cute it can be! And...if this isn't your cup of tea, you can show your team spirit in other, less obvious ways, like nailpolish or by simply wearing your team colors.

What+I+Wore+Hoosiers_8053698978_o mode de emploi

atlantic pacific

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With women making over 45% of the leagues 150 million fans, fashion and sports are becoming a match made in heaven (or at least for team product makers!) Read this awesome article here about Vogue's interaction with SuperBowl 50 and sportscaster Erin Andrews' Girls Night Out.

panther nails

Finally, I wouldn't be a good Carolina girl if I didn't give a shout out to my home team! #gopanthers #keeppounding #panthernation


Valentine's Day? or....Galentine's Day?

valentines day


I know, I know, it's a made up holiday by Hallmark to entice stupid sappy couples to buy way too expensive things for each other. AGREED. But...that isn't going to stop me from posting some CAUUUUTE V-day attire. And besides, with the latest invented holiday, Galentine's Day, you can simply enjoy the day with your tribe, drinking champagne cocktails (or mocktails) and watching chick flicks. Or just enjoying each other's company whilst looking fab together. Don't forget to Instagram it! (I'm sure by now everyone has seen Instagram Husband....but if you haven't, check it out. My hubby & I couldn't stop laughing.)












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I hope everyone has a wonderful February!!! And here's a little bonus for you: if you want something other than a dip recipe or wings for SuperBowl Sunday, try this Crockpot Bacon Cheeseburger Soup! You won't be disappointed!